Our Story

In 2016 my grandmother had knee replacement surgery. Just like any other person after surgery she was given prescription pills. After 1 month she was back in the hospital, addicted to the pills, and worse off then before with major stomach problems.

This is when our family came together to find an alternative. After a ton of research we discovered CBD and thought it was worth giving a try. She was hesitant at first thinking she was going to get "high" but after explaining that there is no THC she finally gave it a shot.

CBD got her off her prescription pills, out of the hospital, and able to handle the pain for her physical rehabilitation. This moment is when theCBDway started. Since then we have constantly been working towards making sure we are giving people the most quality products that can help you just like they have helped our grandmother.

From Farm to Sale

theCBDway sources their hemp derived CBD from the largest Industrial Hemp Farm in Central Oregon. Our CBD is is grown with Organic standards and sourced from nutrient abundant soils in the USA to ensure a medicinally rich CBD product. All of our products are from the highest grade CBD that has no harsh chemicals, no pesticides, no metals, non-GMO, and meets non detectable THC level standards. All our CBD produced are lab tested and 3rd party tested to ensure quality you can trust.

Our Founders

Our grandmother, Renee, was the reason we started theCBDway as mentioned above. theCBDway is family owned by Jason, Barry, and Matt. Our goal since we started has been to give people products that can help them the way CBD has helped our grandmother. We saw how life changing CBD can be and strive each day to give people products they can trust. Over the past 3 years we have met so many people that are benefiting from our products. It has truly been an incredible journey that we are excited to continue. There has been many ups and downs along the way but we appreciate you sticking with us as we constantly make sure to have our products be the highest quality CBD and give the absolute best customer service. Thank you for your support!